Happy New Year

Anyway. Enough of that.

So yeah 2015. I’m quite excited about it all to tell the honest. Last year I enjoyed 8 European tours and countless (actually quite countable – just can’t be bothered) gigs at various festivals and venues in the UK. I released my second record ‘Angry Pork and the Occasional Bird’ which I’m still very excited about. We made some videos on tour too, one is out there and the other is in the editing stage.

I’m currently concentrating on applying for festivals in the UK so I’ll post them on the gigs page if any get confirmed. I’m also doing my first joint solo tour in Europe in April with the delightful Gaz Brookfield. His fiddle player Ben Wain will be coming along too and has promised to learn a song or two of mine.

Right, I’d love to bang on but these gigs ain’t gonna book themselves.

Cheers. Hope to see you soon x