… and relax

Hi. Nick here. Obvs.

Just back from the last gig of the Skinny Lister tour and I miss them all so much. Not just the band members and crew, but all the lovely folk who turned up early to watch the support guy. Thanks so much if that was you. Everyone seemed to be really up for it and there was some very beautiful singing along in at least two different languages.

Thanks so much also of course to all of Skinny Lister, was such an honour to be asked to join the tour and an even bigger to be allowed on the stage to play and sing a couple of songs with them.

They’re taking a little well-deserved rest to update their families but will be back to their normal energetic selves come the end of 2020.

I get to enjoy a little rest now but will continue to try to come up with enough songs for a new record. May ACTUALLY even put it on vinyl this time. Have wonderful Christmasses and see you next year!