Impromptu Duoing – yep, definitely a word.

One of the best things about touring is stumbling across other musicians/singers and having the occasional jam together. On my recent tour with Chris Webb however, it was a little different.

A few weeks ago Emily Larkin put her history books down and came to a gig in Cafe Filou (one of my favourite places to play) in Steinhude, near Hannover.  She had never been confident enough to sing on a stage before – apart from the odd school concert. We talked a bit about music we liked and she agreed to sing a song or two with me. She hadn’t even finished her first line when I realised I had to have her singing on my next album. Not willing to wait until I had a new album ready, I invited her to a video session in Duisburg with the lovely Alex Schroer a couple of days later.

Here are the fruits of that session. It’s a cover of The Weakerthans’ My Favourite Chords.

Oh don’t worry, she’ll still be on the album.

Emily, Chris and I will be playing at Salt Cafe in Bristol together on Friday 8th September.