Besta Venya – Out Now

Hey. Hi. Missed you!

Seriously. Anyway. So I finally made a record. Wrote the songs, recorded the songs, got them mastered and sorted the artwork – with help from me dad.

It’s out. It’s scary. I’m pleased with it.

It’s late and I’m tired because I’ve been editing a video for like EVER.¬†You can watch it over there to the right. It’s a video for my second ever single release (the first was in 1992) and is for the song Down With The Yoof.

If you would like to buy the album it is currently only available on CD (again on the right there) and will be available from your favourite digital outlet from Monday 1st May.

Course, all this ‘right’ gubbins won’t be the case if you’re reading this on your phone but I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere.

Right. Definitely bedtime. Cheers for all your support x