Summer’s Here

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to June. I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Germany where I met lots of lovely people. The gigs were – for the most part – good fun and the currywurst was more than impeccable. I write this post when I should *actually* be packing the car for a week or so at Glastonbury Festival. I’m playing there with the False Alarms on Friday 26th June at the Avalon Cafe at 7.30pm. It would be lovely to see some of you there. We’ll be playing on the Thursday evening too but venue is yet to be confirmed.
July and August are mainly free from gigs which is lovely as I really need to write a few more songs. There will be a few of course and the dates will be posted on the gigs tab because that’s how the Internet works. Take care folks and hope to see you soon. x